Welcome to the EORTC Groups Websites

Technical instructions and
Frequently Asked Question for Groups Websites management.


The Website management is done by the groups, remotely with an FTP (File Transfer Protcol) connection.

The general address of the site is http:/groups.eortc.be/(groups initials or identificaion). If the site had a previous address, either on the EORTC website or on an external website, this addres should be redirected to the new one in order to keep both address active during a tansition period.

File naming conventions

The files are hosted on a Linux Apache server. The file conventions are taken from the specifications and technical documentation of this server. Most important things to take care off are:

The sever is case sensitive. (E.g. "Protocols.html" does not have the same meaning as "protocols.html"). The common practice is to name all files with lowercases.

Files that used to be hosted on an Microsoft platform and using Active Server Page technology (ASP) are not supported on this server. ASP code has to be translated into Php. Links refering to .asp files should be adapted to the new names (.htm or .php)

Remote access for management

The remote access to the file is done via a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) connection to the server. An account is provided to the group to be abe to upload, change or delete files and directories. There is no size limitation, but huge files should be avoided to allow easy consultation of the site from any Internet connection.